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Describing People | Easy English Conversation Practice | ESL | EFL

What's she like?
She has... long hair, short hair, blond hair
He is... short, bald-headed, strong
busy, salesperson, tough, sassy/happy, timid/shy, fearless/brave, unfriendly/stern, stupid/slow, cranky/short-tempered, aloof/quiet, camp/energetic

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In the Garden

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Sunny ABCs

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The house rap

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Rooms and Actions | At Home | Easy English Conversation Practice | ESL |...

In the living room: 
She is/He is/They are... listening to music, playing cards, talking on the telephone, having a birthday party, watching TV, having coffee, sleeping, cleaning

In the bathroom:
brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, cleaning, gargling, taking a bath, shampooing her hair, shaving, washing my hands

In the bedroom:
getting up, getting dressed, getting ready, making the bed, opening the window, studying, reading a story, going to sleep

In the kitchen:
washing the food, preparing the food, cooking, making a sandwich, setting the table, eating, washing the dishes, drying the dishes

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